There are two evils in the world – too much and too little.
Sugar – today's number one dietary demon – stirs up
passion and conjures emotions.

Some love it, others hate
it. Some believe they can do without it, but the truth is:
wherever we go, it is already there, waiting for us.

There’s no escaping it, because sugar
is everywhere. It’s in our body. It’s in the natural
environment. It’s on the supermarket shelves
and in our kitchen cabinets.

All the texts and animations in the exhibition are in three languages: Estonian, Russian and English.

Guided tours available, booking via

Admission with general ticket.

This exihibition focuses on the following topics:

What are sugars and what is their role
in the diverse world of carbohydrates?

Does our body need sugars,
which ones and why?

In which form do added sugars occur?

Can we live without sugar?

How much is too much?


Curator: Ülle Kask

Team: Kärt Mikli, Taavi Kuri, Priit Ahte

IConcept development, environmental and graphic design, animations:
Erika Saks, Maaja Kuiv, Jüri Lõun, Kersti Tuhkru, Jekaterina Vetrova, Marje Kask, Imre Malva, Terje Tunis / EXPORABBIT