The museum newcomer showcase got new content. Artifacts from different origins, donated to the museum and having bigger interest among the audience are showed in our newcomer showcases. Showcases are located on the second floor of the museum permanent exhibition next to stand of prosthesis. Among other displayed items may be found Acupuncture set from 1960s–1970s.
The set belonged to Dr. Vera Paklar, one of the first doctors in Estonia to attend an acupuncture course in Moscow and to offer the treatment to her patients. The purpose of acupuncture is to support health, and treat symptoms of illnesses by stimulating points of energy channels of the body. Acupuncture is used to alleviate pain and various health problems, such as mood and attention disorders, digestive and sleep disorders, fatigue, anxiety, and depression. The therapists use needles of various lengths, metallic plates and balls, or burn moxa cigars close to the patient’s skin.