The catalogue of the exhibition „All about sugar“ is now available in our museum shop. All the texts, illustrations and a selection of photos are gathered in the 80-page catalogue. All the texts in the catalogue are in Estonian, Russian and English.

„This catalogue gives a good overview of the most important topics related to sugars. The visitor of the exhibition has an opportunity to read the texts at home and therefore can enjoy the animations and the visual surrounding of the exhibition even more,“ said the curator of the exhibition, Mrs. Ülle Kask.

The following topics are represented in the catalogue:

1. What is Sugar?

Sugars and carbohydrates in natuure and the human body. The explanation of important terms regarding sugars.

2. From Luxury to Ordinary Neccessity

The history of sugar and its’ production and consumption.

3. Sugars Taste Sweet

Why is it so hard to give up sugar? Where does energy come from and where does it go to?

Healthy vs unhealthy eating.

4. Carbohydrate Metabolism

The price of the catalogue is 4€.

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