Estonian Healthcare Museum’s new temporary exhibition explains how microbial community of human body is affecting our health and wellbeing. The exhibition helps you to find out what each of us can do to balance our microbiome.

We’ve always been living along with microorganisms and it has led to a strong symbiosis. The implementation of new technologies has helped to discover thousands of new bacteria species and their tasks. Microbiome studies are one of the fastest developing branches in science. Our cohabitation with bacteria has never before been so well understood and emphasized. In time of patient-centered care it is a field in science with great possibilities!

Each human being has a unique “bacterial fingerprint”, influencing his health, life and wellbeing!

Exhibition is created in cooperation with microbiologists of Food Fermentation and Development Center (TFTAK) and Biocompetency Center (BioCC).

Curator of the expo
Ülle Kask