Estonian government declared already a month ago an emergency situation that has changed our lives in a smaller or bigger scale. We are gathering people’s stories about how their hygiene habits have changed during the COVID-19 crisis.

Take a moment and write down your story, if you have a photo to illustrate it - please share it with us as well. We will pick randomly three people from all those who have sent us their stories and they will receive a family ticket to visit Estonian Health Care Museum.

Send your story to

The following questions may lead you to the right way. Did you wash your hands very carefully already before coronavirus broke out? Do you wear a mask, respirator or protect yourself in another way in public places? Have you made a mask for yourself? Do you wash your groceries? How do you protect yourself against COVID-19 in the public transport, grocery store or other public places?

The stories and photos will be added to The Health Care Museum current collection - we are very thankful for everybody who shares his/her story with us.