Permanent exhibition “A Heart to Heart about Your Body” is displayed in two medieval museum buildings located in the Old Town. Due to the structure of the buildings, PRE-BOOKING IS REQUIRED FOR GROUPS. Thank you for your understanding!

NEW! Guided tours in the exhibition "All about sugar". More about the exhibition is found here.

If you arrive with your group at the museum without pre-booking, you may obstruct the movement of other groups and prevent them from enjoying the museum.

Our guides will take you on a fascinating tour of our exhibition and keep the group together. The tour provides an overview of all systems of the body, evolution, nutrition, cells, etc.

Maximum group size is 20 people. If a group consists of more than 20 people it will be split into two groups and each group will have a tour guide.

The tour lasts a total of 90 MINUTES. If you are particularly interested in a certain topic covered in the exhibition, let us know upon booking and more time will be dedicated to that particular part of the exhibition.

All groups must have a tour guide to make your visit smooth and memorable.

The price of a guided tour for a group in English is 20€. If you book a tour for a large group that has to be split, the price of a guided tour for each group is 15€.

Telephone booking for groups: +372 511 1732 

Book your tour via email:

Enjoy the museum!